Automatic Bollards

Automatic Bollards

Automatic Rising Bollards For Commercial And Residential Properties.
Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Measures & Solutions.

Security bollards are a physical security measure commonly used to protect commercial premises, private property and vulnerable areas. They act both as a physical barrier and a visual deterrent. From simple manual retractable bollards to fully crash rated hostile vehicle solutions, we can help protect people and places.
Our Automated Bollards come with a multitude of operational options to suit your requirements, remote key fobs, smartphone access, timer or proximity readers. Give us a call today to find out more.

The Benefits Of Automatic Bollards

Crime Prevention

Deter & prevent ram raids, criminal attacks and vandalism

Unlawful Entry & Exit

Used to prevent unlawful entry & exit from a site. ie a driveway where gates are not suitable car parks where a fee or pass required

Restricted Zones & Entry Times

Prevent vehicles entering a restricted zone, or to specify times when vehicular access is permitted.

Hostile Vehicle Solution

More than ever there is the need to keep both people and property safe from extreme threats such as terrorism and aggressive criminal attack.