Automatic Barriers

Automatic Barriers

Our automatic barriers are a simple solution to control traffic into car parks, commercial premises and visual security checks.

Automatic Barriers

Fee Paid Exit

Prevention of unlawful entry and exit from a car park where a fee is required.

Security Check & Clear

Prevention of vehicles entering or leaving a restricted area without a visual security check

Your Traffic Only

Permit only authorised entry & Exit.

Premises protection is a major concern for the majority business and property owners, which is why we offer a wide range of commercial security barriers to suit almost any application and budget.

With a range of options available our automatic barriers are ideal for uses on commercial premises, warehouses, car dealerships and forecourts. The control options available for our barriers range from simple key-fobs, to intercoms and automatic number plate recognition.

  • GSM / Mobile
  • Remote Keyfob
  • Proximity
  • A.N.P.R / Automatic Number plate recognition
  • Biometric
  • Security Operative

Our automated barriers come in a wide range of materials, sizes and colours.